Monday, January 28, 2013


My stance on politics until very recently was pretty defeatist, I must confess.  Having come to believe that the elections were more than likely rigged, and  increasingly hearing reports of ludicrous incompetence in congress, and disgusting elitest behaviour by politicians sworn to serve, I just threw up my hands in frustration and stopped voting.  I no longer believed we the people could stop the runaway train bound for socialism.
Recent events and some light research has shot a bolt of electric patriotism and determination through my soul.  Tyranny against the citizens of this country is brewing and not far off.  If we sit by or stick our heads in the sand, as I had been doing, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.
Here is a list of facts I did not know:
  •  President Obama recently inacted into law an executive order giving him legal authority to throw you or me into jail on FELONY charges, at HIS discretion, without even having to first declare a state of emergency.  Why?
  • President Obama has replaced the use of the presidential seal with his own icon, so that instead of  his communications, online and elsewhere, having the authority of the office he holds, he has shifted the focus from the office of the presidency to himself as a personality.   History has seen this before, with every man who gradually and eventually made himself a dictator.
  • President Obama recently enacted another law by executive order, that gives him and his family 24 hour protection by the secret service, for LIFE. Why? This is unprecedented, and obscene in light of the fact that he is currently trying to take away OUR ability to bear arms with which to protect our own families.
This is only 3 of the things I've recently become aware of after about an hour spent online randomly fishing around various sources.  These are the facts, whether you are a supporter of Obama or not.  These are the facts that make every patriotic freedom-loving fiber of my being cry out for impeachment. 

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