Thursday, February 7, 2013


Below is a link to a site where you can be of help to our service men and women.  Not to support any war anywhere, but to support our sons, daughters, brothers and sisters who are away from home, serving to keep us free.
You can send a care package, or adopt a soldier, or help in any way you like.  They are even building a sound studio for our troops, and could use some donated equip for that. 
Read all about it, and give in some way if you can:

Be Pro-active About What You Know and Believe


Ok, call me a "prepper", although
I don't think I'm being too extreme about it. When we see other countries with no food in their stores for whatever political or logistical reason or another, why do we assume it would never happen in the U.S.?   We should realize that the people in those other countries thought the same thing. They were just wrong. ... and unprepared.
  I'm just saying it's smart to make sure you have access to food, water, medicine, etc., independent of your grocery store. How would you fare if there were even a short-term breakdown of the system that supplies food and water to your town?
Those of us who live in areas of the country with occasional below- freezing Winter temps, know only too well how easy it is to find yourself without electricity for your freezer and fridge...  or without safe drinking water for several days or a week.
At this moment, I am NOT prepared but am fully engaged in getting myself that way, as my budget allows.  I have ordered some of the things needed to put in some raised garden beds, am looking for free rain barrels and water storage options for drinking water.  I have plans to raise just a few chickens in my back yard.  I live in the city limits, but more and more townsfolk are passing ordinances that allow chickens within the city limits.  My town just happens to be already ok with that.
You know, I can't do (and don't want to do) a full-on farm or homestead.  I'm too old to keep up with that much work.  But if there is a trucker strike, or a tornado that takes out the roads to my town, or God forbid, most of the town itself... I will still have a supply of  my heart medicine.  I will have vegetables, fruits, cereals and fresh water, eggs and meat.
And if there is an emergency that requires evacuation, I plan to have a "bug out bag" already packed and sitting near my door, so all I have to do is grab it on my way out.
After watching some of the footage of the Katrina disaster, I realized I also need a contingency plan for my pets.  I have two dogs, and I would never want to see them stuck and starving the way those poor creatures were during and after Katrina. 
 I'm not advocating full-on survivalist techniques... although if that's your thing, go for it.  I'm saying assess your situation.  How prepared are YOU to live independent of the normal system of getting your food, water, and other necessary supplies? 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


All of us should be contacting our own senators and congressmen and women, making it very clear how we want them to vote on this issue. They need to hear from you!  How can they represent you, if you don't tell them what you want?

This is the list of cosponsors of S150, which is Dianne Feinstein's gun control bill, now being presented before the senate.  If any of them represents the state you live in, PLEASE contact them and tell them how you feel about them backing this bill.  Contacting them is easy.  Google their name or click on it below.

Sen Blumenthal, Richard [CT] - 1/24/2013
Sen Boxer, Barbara [CA] - 1/24/2013
Sen Cardin, Benjamin L. [MD] - 1/24/2013
Sen Carper, Thomas R. [DE] - 1/24/2013
Sen Durbin, Richard [IL] - 1/24/2013
Sen Gillibrand, Kirsten E. [NY] - 1/24/2013
Sen Lautenberg, Frank R. [NJ] - 1/24/2013
Sen Levin, Carl [MI] - 1/24/2013
Sen Menendez, Robert [NJ] - 1/24/2013
Sen Mikulski, Barbara A. [MD] - 1/24/2013
Sen Murphy, Christopher S. [CT] - 1/24/2013
Sen Reed, Jack [RI] - 1/24/2013
Sen Rockefeller, John D., IV [WV] - 1/24/2013
Sen Schatz, Brian [HI] - 1/24/2013
Sen Schumer, Charles E. [NY] - 1/24/2013
Sen Warren, Elizabeth [MA] - 1/24/2013
Sen Whitehouse, Sheldon [RI] - 1/24/2013

Thank you for participating in your gov't process.

Well, I only planned to post once a week, but this is about as scary as it gets, and there is almost no time left before it will be too late.

Monday, January 28, 2013


My stance on politics until very recently was pretty defeatist, I must confess.  Having come to believe that the elections were more than likely rigged, and  increasingly hearing reports of ludicrous incompetence in congress, and disgusting elitest behaviour by politicians sworn to serve, I just threw up my hands in frustration and stopped voting.  I no longer believed we the people could stop the runaway train bound for socialism.
Recent events and some light research has shot a bolt of electric patriotism and determination through my soul.  Tyranny against the citizens of this country is brewing and not far off.  If we sit by or stick our heads in the sand, as I had been doing, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.
Here is a list of facts I did not know:
  •  President Obama recently inacted into law an executive order giving him legal authority to throw you or me into jail on FELONY charges, at HIS discretion, without even having to first declare a state of emergency.  Why?
  • President Obama has replaced the use of the presidential seal with his own icon, so that instead of  his communications, online and elsewhere, having the authority of the office he holds, he has shifted the focus from the office of the presidency to himself as a personality.   History has seen this before, with every man who gradually and eventually made himself a dictator.
  • President Obama recently enacted another law by executive order, that gives him and his family 24 hour protection by the secret service, for LIFE. Why? This is unprecedented, and obscene in light of the fact that he is currently trying to take away OUR ability to bear arms with which to protect our own families.
This is only 3 of the things I've recently become aware of after about an hour spent online randomly fishing around various sources.  These are the facts, whether you are a supporter of Obama or not.  These are the facts that make every patriotic freedom-loving fiber of my being cry out for impeachment.